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Revolution Rev Rider DC (attachments sold separately)

Includes a 40 Amp Battery, joystick, charger, links, and a foot pedal. Machines and machine attachments sold separtly. 

Mfg Part No: Rev Rider Model 4A
Unit Size: 1.00 EA

The RevRider from Revolutions can be used to run tandem 12" sanders, a single 8" sander, an edger, a buffer, or even a specialty machine like the Lagler Trio. This setup is perfect for gym floor settings because you can run the length of the entire gym floor and then quickly switch out the double 12" sanders for a single 8" sander for smaller spaces such as stages, hallways, and other tight areas in a gym floor setting.

The fact that this machine can operate an edger provides a phenomenal advantage for gym floor contractors as well. Imagine how much time and frustration you’ll save with this machine––rather than edging 100+ foot runs down on your knees, you can simply drive the edger forward and backwards while sitting.

You also use the RevRider to run a single 8" sander in a large residential area, giving you a good amount of speed without putting strain on your body. 

It can also be hooked it up to to a cart which functions as a trailer to help you bring in all of your parts, equipment, adapters, and even another RevRider onto the jobsite!

The RevRider is battery powered and can be used up to 7-½ to 8 hours without a charge. It takes only 2-½ to 3 hours to recharge the battery. The battery only powers the motor portion of the machine––you still need to use the cord for the equipment you’re running.


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