12 Inch by 25 Yard Sandpaper Rolls

Choose from a Variety of Norton and 3M Sanding Rolls

As the experts in flooring, City Floor Supply has everything you need to complete your flooring project. We carry a full selection of sandpaper rolls, including 12" by 25 yard rolls, which are a common option for commercial and gym floor projects. These 12" rolls fit with many 12" drum sanders, like the Clarke American 12, Galaxy BD-12, and Lagler ELF 300.

Choose from top sandpaper manufacturers, including Norton and 3M, and top series including Red Heat, Blaze, Blue Fire, Blaze Plus, and Regalite. Need a different size? Shop our full selection of sandpaper rolls.

12 Inch by 25 Yard Sandpaper Rolls

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