Belt Sander Belts

Choose from a Variety of Norton and 3M Floor Sanding Belts

Need to change out a sanding belt? City Floor Supply has you covered with a wide variety of belt sander belts for any type of project. Our sanding belts are compatible with a number of different sanders in a variety of sizes. From the standard 7-7/8" x 29-1/2" to the larger 11-7/8” x 31-1/2”, we carry products from the top manufacturers, like Norton, 3M, and Bona.

Popular Norton belts include Red Heat, Blue Fire, and Silicon Carbide. Popular 3M belts include Regalite and Silicon Carbide. Choose from a number of different sizes to fit your equipment. 8" sanding belts typically are for residential projects, while the 12" are used in larger, commercial projects. All belts are designed to improve performance, extend sanding life, and leave a smooth finish.